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Guess what guys? T Dub is back and he's got another guide. This time around he's going the Reputation route and showing everyone how to knock your faction grinds out the park. Less time, more rewards – where can you go wrong?

I've seen a lot of T Dub guides hot off the presses, so this one is by no means a surprise, and yet I was still a bit floored when I opened it the other day and saw more than 300 pages of cold hard information about the reputation grinds that have been giving me fits for the better part of the last five years.

Want to check it out? You can download it below:

--> Download T Dub's "Warcraft Reputations"

A Quick Peek At What Makes Warcraft Reputations Special:

  • Every Reputation in Outland Broken Down into Step by Step Walkthroughs
  • Every Reputation in Northrend Blasted Through At Top Speed - Less Grinding - More Playing
  • Rewards, Quest Lists, and Hot Spots Maps Laid Out in Perfect Detail
  • The Three Factions You NEED To Level Up Now
  • Everything You've Missed On Your Way to Level 80 and How it Will Make Your Play Better
  • Complete Daily Questing Guide Hand Crafted for Faction Grinders
  • High Speed Farming and Auction House Lists to Skip the Grind for Key Factions
  • Complete Strategies for Every Aspect of the Argent Tournament. It's All Here
  • Updates for the Life of the Guide - Unlimited Access, Even When Cataclysm Hits!

Not sure Warcraft Reputations is for you? Here's a secret – it's for everyone. This guide is so long, so filled with details on every faction you'll ever need to grind up, and so chock full of strategies to speed up the process, you'll save your money in a week or two tops.

Need more mounts for Mountain of Mounts? No problem. Need more tabards? T Dub's on it. Need your Legendary weapon from ICC? You got it.

The path to the top can be prickly at best, but with T Dub's Warcraft Reputations, never worry about it again.

--> Download T Dub's "Warcraft Reputations" (.zip)

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--> Download T Dub's "Warcraft Reputations" (.zip)

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World Of Warcraft Reputation Guide

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This article was published on 2010/03/27